4 May 2016

Philosophy undergraduates take on SURE projects

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Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) offers students a chance to take part in research projects in areas of interest to them and work in collaboration with academic staff. The projects are a chance for students to get valuable experience, transferrable skills and deeper knowledge of subjects they are passionate about.

Four Philosophy undergraduates have been successful in their bid to take on SURE projects this year.

Michael Chilton will be working with Holly Lawford-Smith on ‘Tackling Climate Change’. James Dunstan will work with Niall Connolly on ‘Computer games and philosophy’. Gregory Fish will work with Steve Makin on ‘Plato's dialogue form and its contemporary relevance’. Emma Shephard will work with Rosanna Keefe on ‘the Causal theory of names’.

The students will be working on their projects over the summer.

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