Sheffield is very suitable for study and living for international students

Photo of Yiling Ye for UG Student Profile Page
Yiling Ye
University of Sheffield Graduate
BA Philosophy and Religion
Yiling obtained a BA in Philosophy and Religion and will continue as a postgraduate MA student in Sheffield, majoring in International Business. Yiling shares her experiences of studying and living in Sheffield.

Where are you from?

Guangzhou, China

What degree did you study, and what are your plans now?

I have obtained BA in Philosophy and Religion after my undergraduate study.

I will continue as a postgraduate MA student in Sheffield. My major will be International Business.

Why did you choose to study in Sheffield?

The main reason for choosing to study in Sheffield is that the University of Sheffield is one of the oldest in Britain with an international reputation that attracts people from diverse cultural backgrounds.  The University of Sheffield is rigorous in academic research and has access to the latest research that can equip me with enough knowledge and practice for my future career goal. Moreover, Sheffield is such a wonderful place with its long history and rich culture. Thanks to its location in the middle of England, it is convenient to travel around.

What did you like about studying in the University of Sheffield International College?

It was an unforgettable experience to study at the University of Sheffield International College because of its diversity and pleasant learning environment. Our aim during that year was to connect and get prepared for study at the University, allowing us to be adaptable to further education. We were also taught to do academic writing to improve our writing skills. Even though we were not a formal student of the university, we shared the same teaching and learning resources with the students at the University of Sheffield. The teachers and staff at the International College were very helpful and kind, giving me a lot of assistance and guidance in my study and daily life, which made me felt warm and at home.

Do you have any tips for other international students who are thinking about studying at the University of Sheffield?

  1. Don't be shy or afraid to communicate with English people at any time and take the opportunity to practice your English. They are very friendly to international students and easy to get along with.
  2. I hope you can make friends with people from different countries to taste and experience the diversity of culture, as it gives you new insights on how to assimilate yourself to new surroundings.
  3. The learning resources provided by USIC are plentiful so make good use of it so as to delve deeply into your study. The University of Sheffield not only provides students with advanced educational resources, but also a wonderful atmosphere with many conveniences in life.
  4. Apart from your study at the university, you can go around the cities and countryside with friends for sight-seeing and local activities during the holidays. From the books we read to the distance we travelled, we amassed great knowledge and gained our wisdom.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience?

I think it was a great decision for me to choose the University of Sheffield. During my first year in Sheffield, I felt the wonderfulness of the city. So I chose to continue my study in Sheffield from undergraduate to graduate level.

Sheffield is very suitable for study and living for international students. When you are in trouble, the professors and the faculty staffs are always there to help you solve the problems. There are a lot of options in Sheffield as well, such as nicely designed coffee shops and antique shops. There are also different kinds of food from all over the world, so you don't have to worry when feeling an appetite for the food from home. Living in Sheffield for four years gives me the feeling that I would not regret my choice as it has been such a good time here.

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