Professor Loveday Alexander

Department of Philosophy

Emeritus professor

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Professor Loveday Alexander
Department of Philosophy
45 Victoria Street
S3 7QB

Reverend Professor Canon Loveday Alexander trained as a classicist and has retained an overriding interest in exploring the boundaries and interconnections between the New Testament and its Greco-Roman matrix.

She has contributed to the Dictionary of Biblical Interpretation, the Anchor Bible Dictionary, The Dictionary of Paul and his Letters, and to RGG. She also edited Images of Empire and published The Preface to Luke's Gospel.

Research interests

Current research projects

I am currently completing two commentaries on the book of Acts, one with a primarily historical focus (Black's NT Commentaries: Continuum) and one more oriented to church-based readers (The People's Bible: Bible Reading Fellowship).

Future plans include:

  • Jointly-authored volume on The School of Moses and the School of Christ (with Philip Alexander)
  • Volume on New Testament History for the New Testament Library series (Westminster John Knox)
Research group

Research proposals in the following areas are welcome:

  • Interfaces between early Christian and Greco-Roman art and literature.
  • History of Early Christianity.
  • Hermeneutics and the use of the Bible in today’s church.

Current postgraduate research students:

  • Peter Roberts
Professional activities and memberships
  • Former Chair and Secretary of the Social World Seminar of the British New Testament Conference
  • Editor of the Journal of Biblical Literature
  • Editor of The Journal for the Study of the New Testament
  • Editor of New Testament Studies.