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Applying for ethics approval

To apply for University of Sheffield ethics approval, the online system is the first port of call for most applicants. However, your department may still be using another system, so remember to check.

You may find that your research is not eligible for the University ethics review procedure, and so you may need to apply through the NHS procedure or other alternative ethics review procedure. If you are conducting healthcare research then there will be additional governance requirements; if your research involves a human-interventional study (clinical trial) you may need further approval or a research passport. You can find out more about these here.

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Online system

Healthcare research governance procedure

Human-interventional study (clinical trial)

Research Passport

Animal Ethics

Training and Resources

The UREC runs regular training events; details of forthcoming events can be found on the right-hand side of this page.

We also have lots of training resources. The University's Library Services and R&I Services work closely together in this area (Library Services provides advice on issues including good practices in research data management, in copyright).

We are the only Russell Group university to provide compulsory Research Ethics and Integrity training for all our doctoral research students.

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Training Resources

Research Data Management

Advice on the ethics process


Confused by the ethics application process? Or are you an ethics administrator, ethics contact, or ethics reviewer? Need some advice?

Take a look at our University Research Ethics Procedure resources.  

Ask the experts

Does your research involve different cultures, working with children, or online research methods? How do you plan to manage and analyse your data? Who should be included as an author on your latest paper? Different types of research raise their own concerns, and many areas require particular guidance. We have harvested the knowledge of many experts and here you can find specialist advice and links to resources for all different types of research.

Policy on Good Research and Innovation Practices (GRIP)

In every discipline undertaking excellent research requires rigour, respect and responsibility - integrity as well as intellect.  The University's GRIP Policy articulates the expectations of the University, Faculties and Academic Departments regarding:

  • fundamental principles governing research;
  • the responsibilities of individual researchers;
  • what constitutes good research and innovation practices (e.g. in issues including authorship, data management, publication, collaboration, public engagement);
  • what constitutes unacceptable research and innovation practices.

Summary of the GRIP Policy.

Ethics Policy for Research involving Human Participants, Personal Data or Human Tissue

To undertake research involving human participants, personal data or human tissue requires a good understanding of research ethics. The University of Sheffield's Ethics Policy supports this (some of the more specialist issues are discussed further in the Policy Notes).

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Who do I need to speak to?

Find out who your departmental Principal Ethics Contacts or Ethics Administrators are here.

What to do if you have any concerns about potential research misconduct?

The following webpage provides information on what to do: Toolkit (supported by Human Resources).

All staff/workers and students are obliged to report to the University any concerns about potential research misconduct, whether witnessed or where they reasonably believe that this is, has or is likely to occur.

Pages 32 - 34 of TUoS's GRIP Policy  lists what is meant by unacceptable research & innovation practices.

The University provides access to plagiarism detection software - Turnitin