University Research Ethics Committee (UREC)

Information about the role of the UREC.


The Committee reports to the Senate, and the key tasks of the UREC are to:

  • Uphold adherence to the University's 'Ethics Policy Governing Research Involving Human Participants, Personal Data and Human Tissue' by all University staff and registered students who undertake such research, wherever that takes place, and by all individuals who undertake or contribute to such research on University premises and facilities;
  • Promote awareness and understanding of research ethical issues throughout the University;
  • Advise on any ethical matters in research that are referred to it from within the University; and to
  • Keep abreast of the external research ethics environment and ensure that the University responds to all external requirements.

The actual ethical review of individual research ethics applications is undertaken by academic departments. Information about the Committee, including Terms of Reference and Membership, is available from the University's central Governance and Management webpages.