Human participants in research and applying for ethical review

As a world-class research institution, the University of Sheffield aspires to produce the highest quality research. At the heart of this is the key principle that governs all research involving human participants, personal data and human tissue: respect for the participants' welfare and rights. Researchers have an obligation to ensure that their research is conducted ethically and with the minimum possible risk to all those involved or affected by it.

This website sets out the University's Ethics Policy Governing Research Involving Human Participants, Personal Data and Human Tissue,  the procedures for obtaining ethics approval and supporting guidance and resources.

Applying for ethics approval

The practicalities of research ethics review at the University: when and how to obtain ethics approval for a research project.

Supporting resources on research ethics (including Policy Notes on key issues)

Guidance and other resources to help you in obtaining ethics approval and managing your research ethically.

Health and Social Care Research Governance and Human-Interventional Studies

Details of the additional governance requirements that apply to research that requires NHS ethics approval, or which otherwise involves the NHS.

Training resources for research ethics

A range of resources to help you develop your understanding of research ethics, and to support departments wishing to design their own in-house training for ethics reviewers, supervisors, and other staff.

Research Ethics Policy: General Principles and Statements

The fundamental principles governing research ethics at the University, along with the objectives, scope and applicability of the Research Ethics Policy.

Download the whole Ethics Policy as a single PDF document (1.3KB)