Student intellectual property

Find information and guidance about University student intellectual property regulations and exceptions.


Student intellectual property regulations

The ownership of student intellectual property is set out in the University calendar regulations relating to intellectual property. 

Click here under individual documents XXIII Regs - to view the student regulations on intellectual property - refer to these for a comprehensive description.

If a student is also an employee of the University, for example, a teaching assistant or a postgraduate researcher, then any intellectual property created in the course of such employment will be governed by the terms of such employment and is not classed as 'student intellectual property'. 

For the avoidance of doubt, intellectual property generated by postgraduate researchers is owned by the University as per the terms of their registration. Where students intellectual property rights is commercialised by the University, the student will receive a share of any income generated according to our usual terms (ie those which apply to staff inventors).

If the University decides to not exploit any part of the IPR then, upon request from the student, the IPR will be assigned to the student.


In general, a student undertaking undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes of study will be the owner of the Student Intellectual Property created by that student.

There are, however, some exceptions:

  • Students employed or sponsored by another institution or organisation
  • Students undertaking a sponsored project or placement
  • Where the Intellectual Property is generated as a result of collaborative work, for example with other students or with members of staff (or where the work being undertaken derives from the Intellectual Property of staff)
  • Units which have as a primary or substantial purpose, the creation of Intellectual Property
  • Other exceptional circumstances

Please see Regulation 23 of the University Calendar for further details.


If you have any queries about the above then please contact your Faculty Commercialisation Manager (staff or PGR login needed).