Tuition and Continuation Fees

Tuition fees are payable for the duration of the normal period of registration and are collected at the beginning of each year. If a student submits their thesis after passing the minimum period of registration, but before completing the normal period of registration, e.g. during year 3 of a full-time PhD, a refund of tuition fees will be calculated on a pro-rata basis, based on the thesis submission date.

If a student has still not submitted their thesis after passing the normal period of registration, but has a time limit for thesis submission which is of a longer duration, they will be entitled to re-register for the remainder of the duration up to their time limit and a continuation fee will be charged, instead of a tuition fee. Students are required to pay the continuation fee in full at the beginning of the continuation period and will be refunded any over-payment, on a pro-rata basis, if they submit before the end of their time limit. Where the continuation fee is being charged for a whole year (e.g. the 4th year of a full-time standard PhD), in order to encourage students to submit their thesis in good time, the entire continuation fee will be refunded provided the student submits their thesis within the first 3 months of their 4th year. If submission falls beyond the first 3 months of the 4th year this discount is not available and the amount of continuation fee due will be calculated on the basis of the thesis submission date.

There are no routine grounds for fee waivers in respect of continuation fees, but the Vice-President for Research & Innovation will consider cases submitted by students who feel there are exceptional reasons why they should not have to pay additional fees. Any such requests should be directed to the PGR Support Team in Research Services for consideration by the appropriate Faculty Officer in the first instance.

All fees can be paid at the Income Office, Level 6, Students' Union Building by personal cheque, bankers draft, credit or debit card. Payments to be made by credit/debit card can be made through the online payment system. Queries regarding payments should be addressed to:

Online Payment System

Fees in 2019-20

  • Continuation/Extension £444
  • Resubmission without oral £315
  • Resubmission with oral £390
  • Staff Candidate submission £470

(Please note that these fees are increased annually)