Registration of new and continuing research students

Registration of new research students

Registration is the process by which the University confirms that it holds correct information about its students, their programmes of study, and the arrangements for the payment of their tuition fees.

All full-time research students are required to register in person on commencing their studies. Part-time research students and University staff candidates are required to register at the commencement of their research, but are not required to register in person (see the registration pages for more information).

Students entering the University at the beginning of the Autumn Semester are expected to register at the start of the Semester.  See the published registration timetable. Students whose research commences  part way through the academic year should register on arrival at the Student Administration Service, Level 6, Students' Union Building.

Before registering, all students must provide satisfactory evidence of their ability to pay tuition fees and other dues. New research students are also required to provide evidence of their qualifications and should bring their original certificates, or certified copies of them, to registration.

Students requiring formal confirmation letters relating to registration status and immigration matters must apply to Student Support Services, who are the only personnel authorised to issue such letters on behalf of the University.

Please note that it is not possible to amend a student's registration start date once they have registered for their degree. If a student is aware that their start of registration date is incorrect (i.e. they have arrived earlier or later than originally expected), and they wish to amend it, this should be done prior to registering. Students should contact for further advice and guidance.

Registration of continuing research students

All full-time and part-time research students are required to register annually. The re-registration of all research students is online, approximately two months prior to the registration start date.

Permission to re-register will be withheld in cases where students have monies outstanding to the University in respect of tuition fees and tuition related fees.

Payment of tuition fees

Tuition fees for sponsored students are paid direct to the University by the sponsoring body. The holders of University scholarships which cover tuition fees are regarded as sponsored students for this purpose.

Students who intend to pay their fees from their own or family funds which they have control of, or through a bank loan, are regarded as self-sponsored. Self-sponsored students may choose to pay their fees either in full, or in two instalments. Students must arrange payment of their tuition fee in advance, online, as part of their pre-registration tasks; students will not be able to pay their tuition fee when registering in a registration venue. Postgraduate doctoral loans are available to Home students. For information and eligibility please see here

Full details of the University’s fee rates and payment plans are available here