Submission of theses

Preparing to submit

Whilst the responsibility for the writing, preparation and submission of the thesis rests with the student, it is expected that the supervisor will read and comment on the draft, with a view to enabling the student to produce a thesis which is coherent, well-documented and written in good English. Ideally, the student and supervisor should be in agreement as to when the thesis is ready for submission. Ultimately, however, the final responsibility rests with the student.

Occasionally, a student may choose to submit their thesis without the knowledge or approval of the supervisor. Whilst students are within their rights to do so, this is not recommended. The University strongly recommends that all students take account of the academic advice given to them by their supervisor and inform their supervisor when they intend to submit. Failure to do so is likely to compromise the quality of the thesis and will also result in delays in the examination process if examiners have not been appointed at the time of submission.

Please note that students must submit their thesis electronically via the PGR thesis submission form by their submission deadline, even if the deadline falls on a weekend or a University closure day.

Thesis submission process

First submissions and resubmissions

Students must submit their thesis to Research Services, who will ensure that it is despatched to the examiners, along with the relevant forms and guidance.

Under no circumstances should a copy of the thesis be sent direct to the examiners by either the student or the student’s department.

The electronic thesis submission should be made through Google forms, via the PGR thesis submission formThis should include the thesis and the Turnitin submission receipt.  Students can also upload any supporting materials that form part of their thesis examination (e.g. supplemental data, audio recordings, Covid impact form, and list of corrections in the case of a resubmission). Please note that, depending on the thesis file size and internet speed, the submission upload process may take a few minutes.

To ensure that the submission is dealt with promptly, students must ensure that the file name of their thesis is in the format 'Surname, Forename, Registration number' and that any supplemental files that form part of the examination are clearly labelled so they can be easily identified. Students will receive email confirmation of their thesis submission.

Students experiencing difficulties in submitting should contact in the first instance for advice. If the thesis is being submitted from a country that does not allow access to Google Forms, students should instead submit a pdf of their thesis and Turnitin receipt by email to

Staff candidates are required to pay a fee on submission of the thesis. In 2021-22 this will be £490.  Payments required upon the submission of any thesis may be made online here.

Students must also submit a copy of their thesis at the same time to Turnitin, see: 'Submitting a thesis to Turnitin'

If the Doctoral Development Programme (DDP) Evidencing Development Summary is ready to submit, this should be emailed to Further details can be found on the DDP Portal. A fully completed Access to Thesis form must also be submitted to Research Services before the degree can be awarded. It should be noted that these documents are not required for thesis submission and should not delay the student’s thesis submission if they have not yet been completed.

Covid 19 impact

The aims of a doctoral thesis are to make an original contribution to knowledge and demonstrate that its author has gained the necessary knowledge of the discipline as well as technical ability to become an independent researcher.

With this in mind, the emphasis should always be on quality and not quantity. The limitations brought by the Covid-19 global pandemic have exacerbated the need to focus on these elements. UKRI has recently issued guidance advising students to adjust their projects to complete a doctoral-level qualification within the funded period. The Quality Assurance Agency has also published guidance for students and supervisors on doctoral standards in the light of Covid-19.

Similarly, the University of Sheffield has issued guidance to students indicating that it is acceptable to amend projects to suit current circumstances, even though they may be rather different to what was initially planned. The pandemic has changed ways of working throughout the globe, and adjustments to PGR projects are just a part of it. Students will be given the option to provide information to examiners on the impact Covid has had their projects via a Covid Impact form. Examiners, in turn, will be reminded of the University guidance that "judgement of the thesis should be based on what may reasonably be expected of a diligent and capable candidate after completion of the prescribed period of research and with due regard to the University’s criteria for the award of the degree".

UCard from submission of thesis

Should a student’s time limit run out once they have submitted their thesis (but before their award has been made), they can go to SSiD (located in the Students’ Union) in order to have their UCard renewed for the interim period.
Following examination, if a student is required to make any further amendments to their thesis or to resubmit their thesis, then their time limit will be changed accordingly and they will be able to extend their UCard in line with the new time limit on their student record.

Thesis despatch

Theses will be sent out to examiners electronically, along with reports and guidance notes, as soon as the Turnitin report has been checked and the thesis has been cleared for examination. Theses will normally be despatched to the examiners within three working days of receipt of confirmation that the Turnitin originality report is acceptable and provided the examiners have been formally appointed by the faculty.