November is Academic Writing Month
, an academic write-a-thon that happens every year, inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) but catering to the specific needs of academic writers. It’s hosted by PhD2Published, as an online space where the global academic community can pledge their writing projects, record progress, and share thousands of writing tips via the #AcWriMo hashtag on Twitter.

Fest (#AcWriFest17) is our local University of Sheffield contribution, and will bring together people from across the university to recognise and celebrate writing. Drawing on the format of the very popular academic writing retreats, WriteFest has some added bitesize workshops, a guide to crafting your own ideal writing soundtrack, and a creative writing element. We encourage all academics, research staff, and research students to join in the write-a-thon. 

This year the University of Nottingham also joined us for WriteFest!

The festival aims to provide protected time and space for writing to help you to:


MORE? Read the Think Ahead blog posts on writing ++ Check back soon to see our wall of video clips of researchers and academics talking about their writing ++ Further supervisor resources for developing doctoral writing here: workshop on supervising stuck writers, posts about writing on the Supervisor Blog, supervisor online workshop resources, recommended: Kamler & Thomson's (2006) book Helping Doctoral Students Write.

playlistDr Victoria Williamson, Director of our Music & Wellbeing Research Unit, presents some expert advice on choosing a personalised soundtrack to enhance your writing.

Week 1. Motto: Pen to Paper
Retreat 1 -- Firth Court Council Room 1st -- 9.20-11.30 MISSED IT!
Raising the Standard: how to write a 4* paper (Engineering) 1st -- 13.00-16.00 MISSED IT!
Writing an Effective CV 1st -- 15.00-17.00 MISSED IT!
Beating Digital Distractions 2nd -- 10.00-11.30 MISSED IT!
Retreat 2 -- Portobello B57c 2nd -- 13.20-16.30 MISSED IT!
Women@TUOS Writing Club
all women welcome every Friday
3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th
-- 9.00-17.00
Arts Tower AT509
just turn up
Writing Without Discipline 3rd -- 10.00-11.30 MISSED IT!
Week 2. Motto: Page Turner
Retreat 3 -- Hicks F24 6th -- 13.20-16.30 MISSED IT!
CV and LinkedIn Profile Writing Retreat 8th -- 11.00-13.30 MISSED IT!
Get Your Thesis Off Your Back 9th -- 10.00-11.30 MISSED IT!
How to Write a Successful Grant Application 10th -- 10.00-16.00 MISSED IT!
Retreat 4 -- Hicks K14 10th -- 13.20-16.30 MISSED IT!
Week 3. Motto: I write therefore I am
Get Your Thesis Off Your Back 13th -- 10.00-11.30 MISSED IT!
Writing a Journal Article and Getting it Published 14th AND 21st -- 9.00-17.00 MISSED IT!
Retreat 5 -- Hicks Lecture Theatre B 15th -- 9.20-12.30 MISSED IT!
Writing Productivity Hacks 16th -- 10.00-11.30 MISSED IT!
Retreat 6 -- Diamond Lecture Theatre 7 16th -- 13.20-16.30 MISSED IT!
Week 4. Motto: Keyboard Warriors
Supervising Doctoral Writing 22nd -- 10.00-11.00 MISSED IT!
Grant Writing Workshop (Engineering) 22nd -- 13.00-15.30 MISSED IT!
J of Imaginary Research feedback -- Hicks K14 22nd -- 15.00-17.00 MISSED IT!
Retreat 7 -- Med School Seminar Room 9
co-hosted with MPGS
23rd -- 9.20-12.30 MISSED IT!
Writing Application Forms & Personal Statements 23rd -- 15.00-17.00 MISSED IT!
Retreat 8 -- Hicks K14 24th -- 13.20-16.30 MISSED IT!
Week 5. Motto: Writing Habit level unlocked!
Retreat 9 -- Med School Seminar Room 9
co-hosted with MPGS
27th -- 9.20-12.30 MISSED IT!
Retreat 10 -- Richard Roberts SR B79 29th -- 13.20-16.30 MISSED IT!
Arts & Humanities Writing Retreat --
PGRs, post-docs and academic staff
from Arts & Humanities all welcome
30th -- 9.30-13.00 and 14.00-17.00 SEE HERE


Download your WRITER badge! -- print and stick or cut and paste -- let everyone know you're busy writing!

AcWriMo Twibbon -- show your participation in the global writing festival by adding the logo to your twitter profile picture.


NB! To attend a writing retreat. Choose the ones(s) that suit you best and book your place. Then, simply bring your laptop, or pen and paper along. This 1 min video covers what the retreat sessions will, and won't (!) involve. And all we ask is that you please arrive in plenty of time, and stay for the full session.



Dr Matt Cheeseman (Editor of Route 57) & Dr Kay Guccione have produced two editions of the Journal of Imaginary Research. A third issue of the journal will be produced from the creative pieces resulting from the 2017 workshop - Writing Without Discipline. 



Learning technologist and productivity guru Andy Tattersall shares tips and digital resources for writing productivity and also for avoiding digital distractions, in two bitesized workshops.


Dr Kay Guccione, designer of the Thesis Mentoring programme, shares some research intelligence on why thesis writers get stuck, and what works to unstick yourself!


Dr David Hyatt, Senior University Teacher and researcher in Doctoral Education, shares his wealth of expereince of supervision practices that develop students' confidence with academic writing.


Dr Andrew Garrard (@fluidsandthermo) has launched a new MOOC Technical Report Writing for Engineers. Get an introduction to technical report writing. Find out how to communicate your ideas through well-written engineering reports. Find it here.

WriteFest designer: Kay Guccione WriteFest team: Lucy Lee, Andy Tattersall, Matt Cheeseman, David Hyatt, Think Ahead, Devon Smith / Medical Postgrad Society (MPGS), Women@TUOS writing club, Arts & Humanities Writing Club, Vicky Williamson, The Careers Service, 301 Skills Centre