National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2021

Postdoc Appreciation Week is to acknowledge, recognise, and celebrate all the hard work that postdocs and researchers dedicate to research, teaching, mentoring, outreach, and so much more!

Originating in North America, UK research institutions in recent years have started to take on this celebratory practice; Following on from the successful inaugural NPAW events held last year, postdocs and Researcher Development Managers from different institutions across the country have come together to celebrate National Postdoc Appreciation Week 2021. You can register to attend below!

You can find out more by checking out the national website here or join us on Twitter and Instagram.

(Please note sessions will be recorded and available after the events)

Monday 20th September, 11:00 - 12:30


Postdoc /pəʊs(t)ˈdɒk/ – According to Wikipedia, Postdoc is “a person professionally conducting research after the completion of their doctoral studies. The ultimate goal of a postdoctoral research position is to pursue additional research, training, or teaching in order to have better skills to pursue a career in academia, research, or any other field”. We all know that Postdocs wear many different hats, and possess a wide range of essential and valuable skills; however, for a lot of Postdocs it often feels like academic research is the only way, and that ‘success’ can only be found within academia.

For this session, we invite 5 former Postdocs with a wide range of experience to come and tell us their stories, discuss the ups and downs of their careers, and what they see as ‘successes’. Attendees will be able to ask questions, either through pre-submission or live, and find out how each of the panellists got to where they are today, and their advice/tips on what happens in the Postdoc afterlife. The session will be predominantly a moderated Q&A discussion, starting from 11am and finishing no later than 12.30pm.

Register now for access to…

  • Live presentation with an expert panel
  • The use of interactive tools to contribute to the conversations
  • Ask questions and get answers from subject matter experts during a live Q&A session
  • Connect with others who may have similar experiences

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Friday 24th September, 09:15 - 17:00

UK National Postdoc Conference (NPDC21)

Hosted this year by The University of Liverpool the wholly virtual NPDC21 is an opportunity for postdoctoral researchers to engage with industry stakeholders, funding agencies, policy influencers, researcher developers and career development professionals. The NPDC21 keynote will be given by the CEO of UKRI Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser. A panel on Collaborative Research Practices will include Professor Julia Buckingham CBE, Former President of Universities UK. All registrations are free of charge.

The full programme and information on how to register can be found here

Pre-conference networking and engagement opportunities: Ahead of the conference, a series of informal networking and engagement sessions are taking place in September and are available to book now on the NPDC21 web pages.

Bite-sized parallel sessions: There are 30 bite-sized parallel sessions for participants to choose from. These will be brief, 45-minute sessions designed to deliver timely, targeted information on a range of topics that are helpful for personal and professional development.

Bite-sized Parallel Sessions A Bite-sized Parallel Sessions B Bite-sized Parallel Sessions C
A1: Careers in Industry: How to make the Switch B1: Careers in Industry: How to make the Switch C1: Researching the world, leaving no-one behind
A2: Self-assessment tools: Knowing me, knowing what to do B2: Code-switching between academia and research consultancy C2: Self-assessment tools: Knowing me, knowing what to do
A3: The Talented Dr Postdoc: A skills celebration (B3: Unfortunately not available) C3: The Talented Dr Postdoc: A skills celebration
A4: Research Survival: How to manage your health and wellbeing on your research journey B4: Bouncing Back after a Disappointment – How to handle rejection like a professional! C4: How to manage a tricky conversation with your manager
A5: The Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) B5: Octopus: changing the way we publish - and do – science C5: What can researchers do? STEM skills outside the academy
A6: Fast track your research impact B6: Inner Realities: Stronger connections and successful futures C6: How to get published in Nature – an ex-editor’s perspective
A7: The what, why and how of team science B7: More than "Just About Managing" - Stepping up to project leadership C7: Releasing Potential - The power of coaching and mentoring
A8: Allyship in Academia: Creating a community where we all belong B8: UKRI and Researcher Development: Changing culture across research careers C8: UKRI and Researcher Development: Changing culture across research careers
A9: Preparing for a successful future B9: Tackling Isolation: Community-building for postdocs C9: Discovering your path to effective public engagement
A10: Raising your research profile by writing for The Conversation B10: Blue Sky Research in Industry – not everything is measured by the quarter! C10: Supporting the career development of researchers – how can we implement a supportive research environment?

NPDC21 poster competition: Postdocs are invited to either create a new poster or re-share an existing one showcasing either what they research or as aspect of the conference theme “New Realities, Stronger Connections, Successful Futures”. 

Find out how to join here

Thanking N8 PostDocs during National PostDoc Appreciation Week 2021

From 20th-24th September, join the N8 Research Partnership in celebrating ‘National Postdoc Appreciation Week’. This national event is an opportunity for universities to recognise and thank postdocs for their hardwork and contributions. You can join the campaign via Twitter or why not email a postdoc who you feel deserves recognition.

Thank you Postdoc 21 poster