Athena Swan Chain Reaction Interview 3: When Nicola met Liddy

Nicola Donohoe and Liddy Goyder talking 

Nicola Donohoe interviewing Liddy Goyder

Nicola: What does your work entail?

Liddy: My job has always involved both doing research and teaching, but these days I spend a lot of my time in meetings and dealing with budgets and staffing and organisational issues – whilst also responding to the continual flow of emails asking for input on an infinite variety of issues and projects.

Nicola: How did you get here?

Liddy: Via a fairly indirect route. I went to university as an undergraduate thinking I would be a theoretical physicist and then switched to medicine and after qualifying I trained as a GP in Leicester. After a research fellowship, I spent a year working on diabetes screening in Sydney. That was nearly 20 years ago and, soon after I arrived in Oz, a public health lecturership at ScHARR was advertised and, like many colleagues, I came here on a short-term contract and never left.

Nicola: What are you proud of?

Liddy: My colleagues and my students and the quality of the work they do. Public health research is a very collaborative and multidisciplinary field and quite honestly there is nothing I have achieved which I could have done on my own – our successes are all down to the great colleagues and supportive teams I work with and so I am very proud of our collaborative ethos.

Nicola: What do you like about working in ScHARR?

Liddy: It is the sheer variety in the job that keeps me going – I am genuinely never bored – and having been the Deputy Dean of ScHARR for the last seven years gives me the opportunity to be involved in pretty much all areas of the School’s activities.

Nicola: Do you have any tips for maintaining a good “work life” balance?

Liddy: Be aware how work is affecting your own well being. Reflecting on what I’d actually been doing on what turned out to be “good days” and “bad days” helped me both to work out what I enjoy most at work, and to identify some of the more stressful aspects of the job so I can try and manage them better.