Health misinformation and infodemics

In the latest episode of the Communicable Research Podcast, we welcomed back Professor Andrew Lee.

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Professor Andrew Lee joined SCHARR in 2008 and is a Professor of Public Health. He qualified in medicine from the University of Edinburgh and following paediatric and tropical medicine training went on to work overseas running primary health care and tuberculosis control programmes in Afghanistan. Andrew often describes himself as a boundary spanner and is dual-trained in general practice and public health in the UK.

He worked as a Public Health Consultant in Nottingham, as a director of primary care and population health with the NHS, and as a Consultant in Communicable Disease Control with the Health Protection Agency, Public Health England and the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA). In addition to his academic role, Andrew is also currently a Senior Consultant in Global Health with the UKHSA as well as Co-Editor-in-Chief for Public Health, a journal of the Royal Society for Public Health.

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