Alisha Suhag

BA, BSc, MSc

School of Health and Related Research

PhD student


I am a PhD student at the Healthy Lifespan Institute, University of Sheffield. I study health-related behaviour change.

My PhD project explores the joint trajectories of four behaviours across time (smoking, alcohol consumption, diet, and physical activity). I examine how different behavioural trajectories impact disease outcomes in old age.

Prior to joining the Healthy Lifespan Institute in 2020, I was involved with research projects applying behavioural science principles to change health behaviours. For instance, I worked at the University of Bristol Nutrition and Behaviour Unit to examine how applying ‘nudge-like’ changes to the appearance and quantity of food affects intake. I also conducted behavioural analysis for the Antibiotic Research in Care Homes (ARCH) to uncover ways to reduce unnecessary antibiotic use in Scottish care homes.


MSc Behaviour Change, UCL

BSc Experimental Psychology, University of Bristol

BA Economics, University of Delhi

Research interests

PhD Title: How do multiple health behaviours cluster and impact multimorbidity in older adults?

I am interested in measuring and modelling multiple health behaviours across the life course. For my PhD, I am studying how four health behaviours (smoking, alcohol consumption, diet, and physical activity) cluster. Here, each cluster would represent a group of people with similar health behaviour patterns across time and will be extracted using latent modelling techniques. I will then investigate how disease outcomes are associated with membership in each cluster.

Other research interests :

  • Health behaviour trajectories across the life course and multimorbidity
  • The role of behavioural clusters in healthy ageing
  • Consumer psychology and food-purchasing behaviours

Journal articles


  • Suhag A, Ahlsson F, José D, Cutfield WS, Gibbins JD & Lundgren M (2019) Increased risk of visual and hearing impairments in young adult males born preterm. DOHaD (Developmental Origins of Health and Disease), Melbourne, Australia. RIS download Bibtex download
Research group


Professor John Holmes

Professor Thomas Webb

Dr Robyn Burton (external)