Sheffield Addiction Recovery Research Panel (ShARRP)

See our Prezi presented to the New Directions in the Study of Alcohol Group (NDSAG) conference in June 2018.


Patient and Public Involvement

What is the Sheffield Addiction Recovery Research Panel?

The Sheffield Addiction Recovery Research Panel (ShARRP) is a group comprised mainly of people with personal experience of dependent drug and alcohol use as well as carers, partners or family of those who have had problems with drugs or alcohol. Panel members volunteer their time to meet on a bi-monthly basis to consider and review current and future possible research in this field.

What is the purpose of the patient and public involvement panel?

The main purpose of the ShARRP is to empower those with relevant first hand experience to shape how drug and alcohol related research is undertaken. The ShARRP help researchers to take proper account of the needs and experiences of this group thereby improving to the overall quality and credibility of research in this area.

Who can become a member of the group?

Anyone with personal experience can join e.g.; current and ex-service users from any drug and alcohol services, carers, partners or relatives of those who have had problems with drugs or alcohol and/or have links with treatment, recovery and support services.

If I became a group member what would I have to do?

You would be invited to take part in meetings (approx 6 per year) to input your comments around current & future research. You may also be involved in other tasks including;

- Reviewing research proposals
- Reviewing funding applications
- Help developing participant information sheets
- Involvement in service improvement
- Represent the ShARRP at research meetings
- Comment and advise on research design and questions

How can I get involved?

Contact research lead Beth Collinson, Email:  or call/text Sarah Willmott Tel: 07904538270