HAR6047: Key Issues in National and Global Public Health (online)


This module will provide a foundation of Public Health and key national and global public health issues. It will examine key international public health discourses, policies and practices, and provide an introduction to key topics and major challenges facing global public health in the contemporary world. The module will explore the social determinants of health, the relationship of public health to international development processes, as well as examining inequalities and models of social justice. The theoretical approaches will be illustrated through major public health challenges whether they are diseases (e.g. Malaria, HIV/AIDs), of socio-political origin (e.g. gender relations, war, famine), or environmental (e.g. climate change).


This module aims to provide a foundation for Public Health by providing an introduction and overview of key terms and concepts that underpin public health discourses, policies and practice. It also highlights the key national and global public health issues/problems and its responses.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, candidates will be able to:

  • Apply critically a range of public health paradigms: assumptions, principles, and practices;
  • Assess the nature and distribution of key national and global public health issues;
  • Evaluate critically the relationship between the health of the public and wider socio-economic, geo-political, environmental, technological and other developmental processes;
  • Debate the merits and demertis of public health responses to major local, national, international and global challenges, whether these are diseases, socio-political factors or environmental issues.

Teaching Methods

This module is delivered online by distance learning. This involves online sessions on each topic covered including case studies to help impart factual knowledge and understanding of key national and public health issues.

Assessment Details

Component Weighting
Assessment 1 - Group Work  10%
Assessment 2 - 2500 word assignment and personal learning reflection 90%

The pass mark is 50%.