ScHARR Information Governance Committee Administrator - Role description

Role Title

ScHARR Information Governance Committee Administrator

Process for selection/reselection

This role is part of the ScHARR Information Manager’s job description

Role overview

To be responsible for providing administrative support to the ScHARR Information Governance Committee (IGC) and general Information Governance activity within the School.

Main duties/responsibilities

Member of the IGC, acting as IGC Secretary

  • scheduling IGC related meetings
  • liaison with IGC to compile the agenda for each meeting
  • circulating documents for the meetings
  • recording decisions made, next steps planned and identification and tracking of action items.

Monitor emails from the School information governance email address, responding or forwarding where appropriate.

Co-ordinate the ScHARR annual return to the NHS Digital Toolkit.

Monitor and notify the IGC of changes and updates to the government legislation and guidelines relating to information governance.

Disseminate and publicise as appropriate IGC decisions and policies and ensure relevant and up to date information is displayed on the School’s IG web pages.

Assist in the maintenance and record-keeping of the various information governance registers.

Provide such administrative support to other members of the IGC as appropriate in relation to execution of the School’s research information governance responsibilities.