ScHARR Section Information Governance Lead - Role description

Role Title

Section Information Governance Lead (SIGL)

Normal tenure in role

Two years

Process for selection/reselection

A nomination will be put forward by the Information Governance Lead (IGL), in consultation with the Information Governance Manager (IGM), to the Dean for approval following an internal advertisement for interested parties.

Role overview

To be responsible for representing the Information Governance Committee (IGC) within their Section and functioning as the conduit between the IGC and Section staff regarding research information governance issues.

Main duties/responsibilities

To act as a first point of contact for research staff in their Section with respect to IG queries or concerns

To represent the information governance concerns of their Section by attending meetings of the School Information Governance Committee (IGC)

To assist the IGL and IGM in discharging the general responsibilities for managing IG matters within the School, including audits of compliance with the law and the policies of the School

To feedback to their Section on developments in School IG policy and practice

To monitor for and report on serious information governance incidents occurring in their Section

If required, to act as lead in managing any of the discrete IG responsibilities for which the IGC is tasked

To be a point of contact with researchers within their Section wishing to initiate data access requests (DARs) associated with the ScHARR Toolkit and monitor the process of data sharing agreement approval

To monitor the status of, and alterations to, the information assets for which the Section has responsibility and report this to the IGM.


Reporting to the IGL and the IGM.