Health Data Science

All organisations face the challenge of how to analyse and use data. Data science is a new and emerging field that seeks to discover and explore new ways of exploiting data to support decision-making for a range of domains and problems.

Coding big data

Health care is one of these areas where data science can support the use of routinely-collected health data to develop new insights into factors affecting patients and the use of health services.

The sheer scale of the data that are produced and collected today makes possible new areas of research and analysis. By combining multiple disciplines to interpret 'Big Data', data science can enable us to apply the power of statistics, scientific methods and artificial intelligence (AI) to complex problems and find better answers and novel solutions.

This research theme brings together a multidisciplinary group of academics, researchers and PhD students to enhance our capability to access and analyse large, linked NHS and population level datasets for undertaking clinical, health services and public health research across the university.


Professor Peter Bath


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