Global Health Management and Policy Research Theme

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  1. Strengthening systems necessary for improving patients’ safety and quality of health care in tertiary hospitals in northern Nigeria
  2. Reactive Household-based Self-administered treatment against residual malaria; Funded by MRC Global Health Trials
  3. The impact of socio-cultural and health system factors on asymptomatic malaria carriers’ adherence to primaquine treatment in the Gambia; Funded by MRC Global Health Trials
  4. Health systems and pandemic preparedness in the wake of Ebola
  5. A health research collaboration between The University of Sheffield and SolidarMed, a Swiss NGO implementing evidence-based health systems strengthening projects in 5 south-eastern African countries
  6. Health systems resillience in the context of the 2015 earthquake
  7. Health service improvements in a rural Jamaican community
  8. Community-based peer support, health literacy and health inequalities (COPES)
  9. Patient and community involvement in diabetes research: an international review
  10. Patient safety in diabetes care
  11. Evaluation of People Keeping Well in the Community
  12. Evaluation of the Pakistan Community Midwives Programme (Lead by Dr Zubia Mumtaz, University of Alberta)
  13. Addressing disparities in maternal health care in Pakistan (Lead by Dr Zubia Mumtaz, University of Alberta)
  14. Exploring teenage pregnancy in Sri Lanka (with Dr Neelamani Hewageegana, Health Education Bureau, Sri Lanka)
  15. Understanding social and economic determinants of maternal health service use in Punjab Pakistan (With Dr Zubia Mumtaz, University of Alberta)
  16. Cross-national comparative analysis of migration, maternity and health
  17. CATH-B Chinese community access to healthcare for Hepatitis B
  18. Evidence Informed Decision making in Health and Nutrition (EVIDENT) - an extensive network of North-South partners that aims to use existing evidence to also enhance evidence-informed decision-making and policy driven research in health and nutrition
  19. HOME - Health Outcomes of Migration Events
  20. Habeat - Determining factors and critical periods in food habit formation and breaking in early childhood

Our global health research and teaching places international public health within a health systems perspective. We work across a wide range of health systems to produce research which

  • • Uses realist evaluation and realist synthesis to explain effectiveness in the context of social, environmental, economic, and political determinants of health.
  • • Uses transdisciplinary approaches to problem solving, with the aim of collectively analyzing issues and developing solutions across a range of institutions, sectors and systems.
  • • Aims to develop and strengthen partnerships across low-, middle- and high income countries.
  • • Uses participatory, action-oriented research to facilitate the co-development of evidence relevant to policymakers across different countries.
  • • Evaluates the implementation of policies and interventions, producing results that can be used to improve health systems.

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