Health and the Environment Research Theme

The Health and Environment Group has been established to pursue research, teaching and knowledge transfer activities associated with the study of interactions between the environment, health and health care. The group is open to staff and students in the School, and we will also welcome members of staff and students in other departments who would like to participate.  For enquiries please contact theme lead Sarah Barnes (

ScHARR students

  • Carolyn Auma (Grantham Centre studentship 2015-2018) The Impact of Rural to Urban Migration on the Sustainability of Urban Diets in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Fiona Graham (Grantham Centre studentship 2014-2017) Integrating healthy and sustainable diets in University canteens
  • Deborah Harrop (Faculty Studentship 2016-2022) Relationship between garden environments and quality of life in care homes for older people
  • Bruce Moore (2017-2020) The social construction of sheltered housing
  • Edet Otu Modelling geographic access to healthcare in Nigeria

Alice Street Community Gardens by SPUR on Flickr, CC-BY-2.0,

Our interests

• Natural environments and green spaces
• Built and urban environments
• Food and obesogenic environments
• Environments and health inequalities
• Physical environment (air, water, soil, radiation)
• Climate change and disaster management

Key publications and presentations

A longer list of publications can be found here

Natural environments and green spaces

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Built and urban environments

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Food and obesogenic environments

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Environments and health inequalities

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Physical environment (air, water, soil, radiation)

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Climate change and disaster management

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