Dr Samantha Caton BSc (Hons), M.Med.Sci, PhD

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I am a biological Psychologist with an interest in the broad areas of obesity, appetite regulation and nutrition.  My first degree was in Psychology (University of Leeds) followed by a Masters degree in Human Nutrition (University of Sheffield).  I undertook my PhD at the University of Liverpool,  studying the effects of alcohol on appetite regulation and energy balance.  My PhD allowed me to combine both Psychology and Human Nutrition.

I joined the Section of Public Health as a Lecturer in October 2013.  Prior to this I was a lecturer in Biopsychology and Neuroscience at the University of Bradford.  I have held post-doctoral positions both internationally and nationally; Germany (Ludwig Maximillians Universit├Ąt, Munich, Department of Endocrinology), USA (Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, Department of Psychology) and most recently in the UK (University of Leeds, Institute of Psychological Sciences).

Research Interests

Promotion of healthful eating in pre-school children.

Infant feeding behaviour.

Effect of alcohol on appetite and body weight regulation.

Teaching Interests

Public Health teaching in Phase 1 of the Undergraduate Medical Degree (MBChB)

Supervision of Masters dissertations

Supervision of Postgraduate research students

PhD Supervision

I am interested in supervising Research Students in topics/areas such as Obesity, Nutrition and Infant feeding.

Professional Activities

Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO)

Society for the Study of Ingestive Behaviour (SSIB)

British Feeding and Drinking Group (BFDG)

Current Projects

Key Publications

Caton SJ, Blundell P, Ahern SM, Nekitsing C, Olsen A, Moller P, Hausner H, Remy E, Nicklaus S, Chabanet C, Issanchou S, Hetherington MM. (2014) Learning to eat vegetables in early life: the role of timing, age and individual eating traits.  PLoS One.  30;9(5).

Ahern SM, Caton SJ, Blundell P, Hetherington MM. (2014) The root of the problem: increasing root vegetable intake in preschool children by repeated exposure and flavour learning.  Appetite. 9;80C:154-160.

Ahern SM, Caton SJ, Bouhlal S, Hausner H, Olsen A, Nicklaus S, Moller P, Hetherington MM. (2013) Eating a rainbow.  Introducing vegetables in the first years of life in 3 European countries.  Appetite.  71:48-56.

Caton SJ, Ahern SM, Remy E, Nicklaus, Blundell P, Hetherington MM (2012).  Repetition counts: repeated exposure increases intake of a novel vegetable in UK pre-school children compared to flavour-flavour and flavour-nutrient learning, British Journal of Nutrition 109(11):2089-97.

Caton SJ, Ahern S, Hetherington MM.  (2011) Vegetables by stealth: an exploratory study investigating the introduction of vegetables in the weaning period.  Appetite 57(3):816-25.

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