Mandatory and recommended training for all ScHARR staff

All mandatory courses are online and should be completed as soon as possible. Most should be repeated or renewed after a set amount of time, which is shown in parentheses in the lists below. 

Mandatory training for all University staff

University link page to five courses:

Additional mandatory training for all ScHARR staff

Mandatory training for special circumstances

  • Training for Cyber Essentials Assured Computing - for each member of ScHARR who has access to NHS Digital data covered by the Data Sharing Framework
  • Display Screen Equipment - for display screen users; ie anyone who uses a monitor for an hour or more at a time on most days (whenever your workstation changes, you have a new pc or you suspect your workstation is causing health issues)
  • Health and Safety Induction - for all staff who have joined the School since January 2016 (valid unless you move department / section)
  • Out of Hours - for any staff member who arrives at work before 7:30 or leaves after 18:00 (three years)
  • Understanding Unconscious Bias - Mandatory for RSCs and highly recommended for anyone who is involved with staff recruitment. This is a course accessed via MOLE. PLEASE NOTE: The following instructions work best if you use the Firefox browser and enable popups.
    1. Log into MOLE.
    2. Under "Organisations" on the right of the page select HUR - E-Learning Resources
    3. Choose Understanding Unconscious Bias (at the bottom of the list)
    4. Launch the course - it may ask you to click to enable Java. This will let the course play properly.

Other recommended training

  • Health and Safety range of courses, including induction for new staff, producing a PEEP for a person with a disability or temporary impairment etc. NB, the Health and safety induction training is mandatory for all new members of staff (see above).
  • Understanding and supporting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans (LGBT+) Students, an online training course looking at the experiences and issues faced by LGBT+ students, and how University staff can assist and support them. This training has been developed in partnership with the Students' Union and the LGBT+ Committee and is relevant for all University staff.