small logoWorking Better Together is an important part of life in ScHARR

The Working Better Together team is counted as a core committee within the School


Here are some of the Working Better Together initiatives

Behaviours for Excellence

The School has developed and adopted four Behaviours for Excellence which underpin how we work better together within such a large and diverse University department. Behaviours for Excellence are a key feature of many successful and high performing organisations.

Newcomers Trail & fundraising

A twice-yearly question trail has been devised where any member oftrail cake staff who has joined the School within the last six months is given a map of the ScHARR buildings, a list of people to find and questions to ask to get to know colleagues throughout the School. The trail ends in the staff common room with a charity bake sale.

Contract Management Process

In a dynamic research environment a high proportion of members of staff wbt awardare employed on short term research grant-funded contracts. A group from ScHARR has worked with University HR representatives to standardise and streamline processes to cut down on the paperwork and stress involved for these employees. The work the group has done on this project won the University's 2016 Value for Money Award.

Even Better News

Flying from the coat tails of the Dean's Good News bulletin, which celebrates work-related successes, the Even Better News is a newsletter which highlights extra curricular activities such as marathon running, concerts, skydives, weddings, competition wins and births.

Out of office etiquette Help colleagues and friends to know when you're available and when you're out of the office with clear messages on your email, phone and online calendar accounts - this is a handy guide on how to do it.

Share your skills

Something you do every day, a University system you use, a process you've mastered or a way of sorting data may be something that others struggle with. If you're willing to be listed as a contact for a colleague to call on please follow this link or click the logo below and let us know.

Do you know how to

  • apply for WARP funding?
  • design a MOLE page?
  • write a research proposal?
  • claim expenses?


Do you find it easy to

  • format a Word document?
  • create a Google Sheet?
  • use a pivot table?
  • produce a CMS web page?

Stuck on something? Here's the list of people who have already offered advice