Several members of SIIBS have been nominated in the 2018 Students' Union Academic Awards

The annual Academic Awards, run by the Students' Union, celebrates those who have enhanced Academic Life at the University of Sheffield to create an excellent educational experience for all our students.

Students' Union

Nominated in the category of 'Outstanding Teaching' ("A staff member who excels in teaching through providing engaging, innovative and informed lectures, tutorials and seminars"):

  • Dr Meredith Warren
  • Dr Casey Strine

Nominated in the category of 'Outstanding Student Contribution' ("A student who goes above and beyond for their fellow students to improve their education.")

  • Emma Nagouse

Nominated in the category of 'Best Academic Representation' ("A course/department/faculty academic representative who excels in representing their cohort by seeking the views of their peers and attending and contributing to student staff committee meetings to improve the academic lives of the students they represent":

  • Dr Katie Edwards

Shortlisted for the award of 'Best Postgraduate Supervisor' ("A staff member who provides exceptional support for postgraduate students, in both their academic and personal life"):

  • Dr Katie Edwards

Congratulations to Meredith, Casey, Emma and Katie!