Dr David Tobin

School of East Asian Studies

Lecturer in East Asian Studies


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Dr David Tobin
School of East Asian Studies
Jessop West
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Dr David Tobin joined SEAS in 2021 after working as Hallsworth Research Fellow in the Political Economy of China at the University of Manchester. His work is located in the overlap between Asian Studies and Global IR, using critical theory to frame results of detailed empirical fieldwork on the politics of identity and the everyday.

David completed a PhD in Politics at the University of Manchester (2013) following intensive Mandarin language training at Peking University and Xinjiang University. He has lectured in Politics and East Asian Studies at the University of Manchester, University of Glasgow, and the University of Nottingham-Ningbo.


PhD Politics (Univ. of Manchester)

MA Contemporary China (Univ. of Manchester)

MA Research Methods in Political Science and IR (Univ. of Sheffield)

MA (hons) Politics (Univ. of Glasgow)

Research interests

David’s research uses discourse analysis and ethnographic methods to explore the relationship between identity and security in global politics. How and why are identities treated as security matters? What are the effects of treating identity as a security matter? His research answers these questions by focusing on the ethnic and international politics of China, specifically ethnic relations and violence in Xinjiang.

His first book, Securing China’s Northwest Frontier: Identity and Insecurity in Xinjiang (Cambridge University Press) bridges the gap between Global IR theory and micro-fieldwork approaches to ethnic relations in Chinese Studies. It employs an innovative theoretical approach drawn from Postcolonial theory and critical IR to analyse the relationship between identity and security in Chinese policy-making and ethnic relations between Han and Uyghurs in Xinjiang. The book is based on two years of ethnographic fieldwork in Xinjiang, including during the 2009 violence, from interviews to participant-observation of security practices. The book argues that China’s party-state exacerbates cycles of violence between Han and Uyghurs in Xinjiang by targeting Turkic and Islamic identities as national security threats.

David was invited to present his book to the UK All-Party Parliamentary China Group in October 2020 and to provide evidence to the Uyghur Tribunal. He considers public-engagement and providing robust analysis for policymakers to be core components of research and knowledge production.

David’s current research builds on his fieldwork to explore both the official thinking behind China’s current “fusion” ethnic policies, including interment camps and inter-generational separation practices, and the social and emotional impact of state violence and family separation on the global Uyghur diaspora.



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David has conducted broadcast interviews for the BBC and the Conversation and is regularly quoted by international media outlets on Chinese politics and ethnic relations in Xinjiang, including the Wall Street JournalAssociated French Pressthe GuardianViceFrance 24, and the Straits Times.

Tobin, David (2021) How an independent tribunal came to rule that China is guilty of genocide against the Uyghurs, the Conversation.

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Teaching interests

My teaching philosophy is that teaching should enable students to understand the world from different perspectives in an empirically grounded manner. I seek to create a comfortable yet challenging learning environment in which students can respectfully challenge and learn from different approaches using empirical research to bring to life broader disciplinary debates and complex theoretical concepts.

My teaching is research-led and uses up to date primary sources to explain complex theoretical concepts and broad historical patterns. My goal is to enable students’ capacity for independent, critical thought that is strongly grounded in detailed empirical knowledge. I encourage students to conduct their own focused research while assisting them in framing its findings within broader conceptual and disciplinary debates.

I place great importance on students being well prepared for lectures and seminars so they are ready to think and to create a relaxed but challenging environment through discussion and co-operative dialogue.


David is a steering committee member and contributor to the Xinjiang Documentation Project.