Global East Asian Cultures (GEACs)

This research cluster focusses on East Asian Cultures travel, mix and take on new meanings across the globe.


About the cluster

The Global East Asian Cultures (GEACs) cluster is an interdisciplinary team of researchers who think about culture from a transnational and global perspective. Spanning fields and disciplines as varied as  History, Anthropology, Sociology, International Relations, Political Economy, Queer studies, Screen studies and Cultural studies more broadly conceived, our aim is to challenge how we engage with East Asian cultures within, across, and outside of the region.

Cluster members

Shiqin Zhang

Zhangbo Liu

Mia Xinrui Liu

Georgia Thomas-Parr 

Callum H Sarracino

Flagship institutes

The University’s four flagship institutes bring together our key strengths to tackle global issues, turning interdisciplinary and translational research into real-world solutions.