Dr Katie EdwardsKatie Edwards

Director of the Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies

Senior Lecturer in The Bible in Contemporary Culture and Society

Email address: Katie.edwards@sheffield.ac.uk

Telephone: 0114 222 0509


Katie Edwards is a graduate of Biblical Studies at Sheffield. Her research specialism is the function, impact and influence of the Bible in contemporary culture and the role of the Bible in the modern world. Her doctoral work focused on the portrayal of Eve in post-feminist popular culture and her recent research focuses on intersections of gender, race and class in popular cultural reappropriations of biblical characters/narratives.

Research Interests

Cultural studies.
Gender and sexuality.
Race and ethnicity.
The use, impact and influence of religious characters/figures in contemporary culture.
Feminist biblical criticism.
The Bible in art and film.
Reception of the Bible in contemporary popular culture.
Biblical literacy.

Current Research Projects

Constructions of masculinity, male sexualities and ethnicity in contemporary popular cultural representations of Jesus/Christ, with particular reference to hip-hop music and male-targeted sports advertising.
The figures of Mary Magdalene and Mary, Mother of Jesus and their key roles in the construction and subversion of contemporary popular cultural ideals of femininity
The Hidden Perspectives project, the first year of which is funded by Arts Enterprise.


Katie currently teaches on the following modules:

The Bible: Fact or Fiction?
Gender, Religion and the Bible
The Bible and the Arts
Issues in Cultural Theory


Katie has given papers at a number of recent conferences including the British New Testament Conference, Society for the Study of Old Testament, European Association of Biblical Studies, Society of Biblical Literature, Society and Religion (University of Bristol), and the Bible, Critical Theory and Reception seminar.

Other Professional Activities

Katie serves on the committee of the Society for the Study of Old Testament and is a member of SOTS, EABS, SBL and SCRIPT. She edits the Hidden Perspectives series for Sheffield Phoenix Press. Katie is also a member of The Centre for Visual Studies. Katie is a Public Engagement Ambassador for the NCCPE and is co-Chair of The Bible and Visual Culture unit at SBL.


To make an application to study for a PhD in SIIBS with Katie as your supervisor please go to the online application and search for her under the School of English. 

Dr Katie Edwards talking about her research interests: