Emily R. MarlowEmily Marlow

PhD Candidate

Fully funded by AHRC – White Rose College of Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH)
Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) and the School of English Literature
University of Sheffield

Email: e.marlow@sheffield.ac.uk

Twitter: @EmilyRMarlow

Website: http://www.emilymarlow.co.uk

Supervisor: Dr. Katie Edwards

Research area: Religion, Gender & Sexuality in Video Game Narratives


I graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2015 with a First Class Honours degree in Religion, Theology & the Bible. My BA dissertation, which was awarded the Bible Society award for Best Dissertation, looked at how characterisations of Pontius Pilate in film had been skewed via his sexuality. During my undergraduate degree I researched the impact of the Bible on popular culture via film, TV, technology and gaming, which led me to my MA research on representations of Jesus, or Christ-figures, within the 2013 video game Bioshock: Infinite. My MA was funded by the University of Sheffield PSS scholarship and an award from the Henry Stephenson Trust. In 2016 I was awarded with full funding for my PhD via the AHRC and the White Rose College of Arts & Humanities, (WRoCAH).

When I’m not researching I can be found playing video games, making zines, reading too much Stephen King (there’s a research paper waiting in there somewhere!) and drinking too much coffee.

PhD Research

My PhD uses Intersectional Feminist Theory to investigate how video games interact with religion, gender and sexuality in their narratives. Video games are increasingly becoming a larger part of modern life, (In 2014, the gaming industry sold over 135 million games and generated more than $22 billion in revenue in the US alone) and my research explores how video games deal with current cultural debates such as gender fluidity, the relevance of the church in daily life, gender parity and sexism.


- Orange is the New Bible Symposium, University of Sheffield, (2016), “Biblical Vampires: Salome in TV’s True Blood”
- Re-Imaging the Gothic Symposium, University of Sheffield, (2016), “Biblical Vampires: Salome in TV’s True Blood”
- Video Brains Talks, London (2016), “Midnight in the Virtual Garden of Good & Evil”

Awards and Prizes

Bible Society Award for Best Dissertation (BA), 2015
Henry Stephenson Trust Scholarship Award (MA) 2015
University of Sheffield Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme (MA) 2015
Re-Imaging the Gothic Research Award 2015
AHRC funding: University of Sheffield WRoCAH Doctoral Studentship 2016