Marie FlanaganMarie Flanagan


PhD Candidate
Fully funded by SIIBS Scholarship
Sheffield Institute for Interdisciplinary Biblical Studies (SIIBS) and the Department of History
University of Sheffield

Supervisor: Dr Mark Finney

Research Area and interests

The Presentation of Women within the Gospel of Luke

I am very interested in how the evangelist Luke presents his Gospel to us and, particularly, in how he presents women throughout his work. My MA dissertation was concerned with this issue and my PhD hopes to continue this theme, investigating the peculiar ways in which the evangelist presents women and hypothesizing how these may have sounded to people (male and female) within his earlier audiences


I started my studies at Trinity College Dublin, achieving a First-Class BA (Hons) on the subject of World Religions and Theology. During my time in TCD, I was awarded three school awards, one of which was for obtaining the highest mark in a biblical studies themed dissertation.
Continuing, I moved to KULeuven where I studied for my MA in Religious Studies and Theology. I completed this in 2015 with a Distinction.
I have been awarded a SIIBS Scholarship to complete my doctoral study within the University of Sheffield and am currently a second-year PhD student