Dr Carmen Ramos Villar

BA Hons, MA, PhD

School of Languages and Cultures

Senior Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

Director of Portuguese Studies

Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes

Carmen Ramos Villar
+44 114 222 0547

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Dr Carmen Ramos Villar
School of Languages and Cultures
Jessop West
1 Upper Hanover Street
S3 7RA

Dr Carmen Ramos Villar was an undergraduate and postgraduate at the University of Bristol, where she studied a BA Hons in Hispanic Studies and went on to specialise on Portuguese literature afterwards. Her doctoral thesis examined the theme of emigration in Portuguese literature, concentrating in the works produced by writers from the Azores islands and from the Azorean-American community. She was awarded her doctorate in 2004.

Before coming to the University of Sheffield, Dr Ramos Villar taught Portuguese Studies at Manchester University for one year.

Dr Ramos Villar's research interests have developed from her doctoral thesis to explore how autobiographical writings, and biographical studies, portray the Portuguese migrant in the United States.

She has published on the literature produced by Azorean writers, and also Portuguese American writers. She has also co-edited a volume on Azorean literature with John Kinsella, and another volume with Sheila Khan, Ana Margarida Dias Martins, Hilary Owen on Postcolonial debates in the Lusophone World.

At the Department of Hispanic Studies, Dr Ramos Villar teaches Portuguese language, and offers modules on the literature and history of the Portuguese-speaking world.

Carmen is the Director of Portuguese Studies in the Department.

  • BA Hons Hispanic Studies (University of Bristol)
  • MA in Portuguese Studies (University of Bristol)
  • PhD in Portuguese Literature (University of Bristol)

Journal articles

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  • Ramos Villar CM (2016) A ilha grande assombrada de Daniel de Sá In Cota Fagundes F, Antunes S & Igrejas A (Ed.), Rememorando Daniel de Sá: Escritor dos Açores e do Mundo Ponta Delgada, Portugal: Ver Açor. View this article in WRRO RIS download Bibtex download
Research group

Ruth Fisher (2012-2018): ‘Resistance and Survival: Deconstructing the Narratives of Women Political Prisoners after the Spanish Civil War.’ Successful completion.

Deborah Madden (2014-): ‘Politics and Sexual Politics: Women's Writing in Early Twentieth-Century Spain and Portugal.’ Successful completion.

Katy Stewart (2016-): ‘Francophone and Lusophone African Cinema.’

I have also supervised numerous MA Dissertations on various topics, including Angolan literature, Portuguese literature, contemporary translation studies and Intercultural Communication and International Development.

Member of the 'Migration, Culture and Community' and the 'National and Transnational Literatures and Cultures' research clusters.

Teaching activities

Dr Ramos Villar’s teaching covers the literatures and cultures of the Lusophone world, particularly that of Portugal and Lusophone Africa. The modules Dr Ramos Villar currently teaches are:

HSS237: Nation and Identities in the Lusophone World

HSS3008: Cultural Crosscurrents in the Lusophone World

HSS282 and HSS283: Intermediate Portuguese language (second year)

HSS380 and HSS381: Intermediate Portuguese language (final year)

HSS382 and HSS383: Advanced Portuguese language (final year)

Dr Ramos Villar has also taught Spanish language and Spanish / Latin American literature within HSS130 and HSS131, and undergraduate dissertations on Guiné-Bissauan, Mozambican, Brazilian and Portuguese topics.

Professional activities
  • Member of the Association of British and Irish Lusitanists (ABIL)
  • Treasurer for ABIL (2009-2013)
  • Conference secretary for ABIL (2015-2017)
  • External examiner for PhD thesis at NUI Maynooth, Ireland.
  • External examiner for Portuguese at the University of Essex (2007-2011); University of Exeter (2011-2012); University of Oxford (2015-2018); University of Cardiff (2015-); and University of Birmingham (2018-2021)