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Mr Marcus Cumberbatch
Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine and Population Health
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Clinical: Hunterian Professor 2023. Senior Clinical Lecturer and Honorary Consultant Urological Surgeon at the University of Sheffield and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals. 

Areas of specialist interest: the treatment and diagnosis of renal cancer; urothelial cancer (bladder and upper tract); testicular cancer, and prostate cancer.

Educational supervision: I am the clinical, educational or academic supervisor for two residents/registrars, two PhD students, two Foundation doctors, one BMedSci student and three SSC students (Year 2 medical school)

Research interests

Study Principal Investigator

YorkSURE:  RCT evaluating the utility of NVH dipstick testing and community-based diagnostic imaging for the screening of males at high risk from bladder and kidney cancer mortality. Grant awarded by Yorkshire Cancer Research June 2018 (£1.5 million). We are screening persons across Yorkshire, identified as being at risk of BC based on demographic information. We are in collaboration with Kings College London and the Wolfson Institute clinical trials units to roll out this study over seven years.

STAMINA: NIHR-funded RCT evaluating the best delivery of exercise to offset the side effects of ADT in men with prostate cancer. NICE has already written guidance on the benefits of exercise in men in ADT. This study seeks to answer how to deliver this within the NHS.

MASTERY: A study by Intuitive and the University of Birmingham using a data recording device to record and set metrics for robotic procedures (including robotic prostatectomy) to inform educational and proctoring goals, and assess such metrics against patient outcomes.

VISP: A study using 3-D modelling to enhance surgeon understanding of tumour and vascular anatomy during partial nephrectomy.  The goal is to reduce ischaemic time and improve margin and renal function outcomes status.

Additional research experience

  • Clinical: Multiple systematic reviews and meta-analyses on Urological cancers (Aug 2010 to present). This work formed the background to our 2,000-patient case-control study by identifying the occupations which are currently experiencing a higher-than-average level of bladder cancer among their employees.
  • Clinical: MSc in Clinical Research. Completed 2012. I have completed modules in statistics, research methods, and randomised controlled trials, and I am currently working on economic modelling, statistics packages, and healthcare epidemiology.
  • Clinical: Elected to the editorial committee for Core Surgery Journal. May 2011-2015 I acted as the speciality co-ordinator of the Urology section of this peer-reviewed journal for the previous 4 years. This work involved planning article titles, reviewing articles and ensuring timely submission. We would publish an issue every 2 months. Journal available from URL:
  • Laboratory: Alterations of mRNA export in cancer. Aug 2011-Feb 2016. I have worked in Professor S. Wilson’s laboratory focusing on RNA export in cancer. I have interrogated the expression of Luzp4, Uif and Alyref as RNA export adaptors in a variety of human tumour cell lines and primary cancers. Currently, am investigating the effects of post-translational modifications such as ADP-ribosylation upon RNA export factor localisations and interactions. I have also developed a novel approach to observing RNA export ‘live’ in advanced luminescence microscopy work. I have supervised and mentored a third-year BSc student for a 12-week lab project. 
  • Clinical: A contemporary case-control study of occupations and tasks associated with bladder cancer. Aug 2011 – Present.  I am conducting a case-control study of modern occupational bladder cancer. This includes a questionnaire survey/interview of 2,000 patients within my region (Sheffield) for a complete occupational (and task), smoking and risk factor history. 
  • Elected to the committee of BURST (British Urologist Researchers in Surgical Training) research collaborative as Treasurer in September 2015. This involved managing a budget of £5,000 or more to roll out clinical trials that will help patients across the UK. The committee was competitively elected and involved meeting with other committee members including Prof Emberton and Prof Pickard.
  • Laboratory: Developing a zebrafish model of bladder and prostate cancer. Oct 2017 to present. I am supervising an Academic Clinical Fellow in Urology to complete a PhD funding application based on preliminary lab work. He is using a range of techniques including microarrays, immunohistochemistry and confocal microscopy.
  • Laboratory: Ex-vivo modelling to predict response to systemic therapies. I currently co-supervise a PhD student and medical students working on the use of high-throughput drug screening using a unique ex-vivo model to inform decision-making about lines of therapy. 
  • Clinical: RCT evaluating if daily finasteride improves adherence to active surveillance in low and intermediate-risk prostate cancer. Funded by YCR at £1.5 million. We are in collaboration with Kings College London and the Wolfson Institute clinical trials units to role out this study across 5 years
  • Clinical: RCT feasibility study assessing community-based screening for bladder cancer using novel smartphone technology to detect non-visible haematuria, and using community diagnostic hubs. Funded by YCR at £1.5 million. We are in collaboration with Kings College London and the Wolfson Institute clinical trials units to role out this study across 5 years
  • Lead organizer for Sheffield Pan-surgical research days and regional uro-oncology research update days

Journal articles

Conference proceedings papers

  • Pang KH, Catto J, Wilson S, Cumberbatch M & Lesbriel S (2016) Identification of N6-adenosine methylated RNAs by m6A-seq within prostate cancer. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF UROLOGY, Vol. 23 (pp 131-131) RIS download Bibtex download


  • Khetrapal P, Catto J, Ambler G, Ricciardi F, Khan S, Feber A, Dixon S, Williams N, Ahmed I, Charlesworth P , Cumberbatch M et al (2022) PD42-02 RESULTS OF THE INTRACORPOREAL ROBOTIC VS OPEN CYSTECTOMY (IROC) MULTI-CENTRE RANDOMISED TRIAL. RIS download Bibtex download


  • Wellcome Trust Medical Student Grant for my Intercalated BSc, 2005 (£1,200)
  • NIHR funded Academic Clinical Fellowship, 2010 (£6,000).
  • The Royal College of Surgeons of England Honorary Research Fellowship, May 2012 (£3,000).
  • Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Training Fellowship, June 2012 (£211,000).
  • BURST Urology, National Urology Registrar’s collaborative, from the Urology Foundation and BAUS, June 2016 (£5,000)
  • NIHR Academic Clinical Lecturer stipend £1,000 per year for 4 years, Oct 2017
  • Royal Society of Medicine (RSM), Ellison-Cliffe Travel Fellowship, £10,000, Dec 2018.
  • Action Bladder Cancer, £2,149, to fund social inequalities in uro-oncology project. May 2019
  • Finesse trial, YCR funded, apportioned income £75,000.
  •  Yorksure trial, YCR funded, apportioned income £225,000
Teaching activities

I am clinical, educational or academic supervisor for 2 residents/registrars, 2 PhD students, 2 Foundation doctors, 1 BMedSci student, and 3 SSC students (Year 2 medical school).

Simulation training: I took part as an active faculty member on the Trent Foundation School Final Year Medical Student Advanced Simulation Course, Queens Medical Centre. Dec 2009.

Student Selected Component (SSC) Supervisor for Sheffield Medical School: I have been a mentor and tutor for students undertaking a student-selected component (SSC) in Academic Urology. This involved taking them through research basics, facilitating their involvement in a clinical trial and giving a lecture on Epidemiology. Dec 2011-Present. I have also facilitated phase 1 students’‘Critical Analysis’ module. Jan 2012-Feb 2012.

Undergraduate Teaching Lead for Year 2,4 and 5 at the University of Sheffield. Jul 2013-Aug 2014: I was the chief organiser and conductor of weekly teaching on surgical principles of histories and examinations, urological emergencies and conditions to phase 2, phase 3b and phase 4 Sheffield Medical School students at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital. This involved fortnightly tutorials and yearly lectures. 

Local journal club organiser at Mid Yorks Hospitals 2016-2017: Registrar’s teaching: ongoing throughout higher surgical training. 2016-present

Faculty member at EAU London 2017 ESU course on writing a introduction and methods and Updates in prostate cancer basic science.

Faculty member EAU Copenhagen 2018 ESU course on conducting a systematic review.

Professional activities and memberships

Reviewer for the following journals:

  • European Urology, Jan 2016-present
  • J Urol, Jan 2018-present
  • J Clin Urol Jan 2019-present
  • BJUi 2020-present


  • Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSEng)
  • British Association of Urological Surgeons (BAUS)
  • European Association of Urology (EAU): Prostate cancer guidelines member (associate)
  • Medical Defence Union (MDU)

Management roles: Foundation doctor lead and rota manager. Prostate cancer pathway lead. Central uro-oncology MDT (cancer board) lead for the region.

Medico-legal work: I currently prepare 1-2 reports per month. I work 75:25 in favour of claimant representation. 

Co-host and co-founder of the TBBBpodcast: A universally available educational podcast evaluating all aspects of surgery, focusing on urological issues (  Available on Spotify.  Twitter: @tbbbpodcast