The MRes cemented my passion for research

Photo of Daniel Taylor
Daniel Taylor
Postgraduate student
MRes Cardiovascular Medicine
“I enjoyed working with my group so much I have returned to Sheffield to continue with them as an academic junior doctor.”
Photo of Daniel Taylor

I am currently a specialised (formerly known as academic) foundation programme doctor working in Sheffield. I completed my medical degree at Lancaster University but came to Sheffield for my intercalated degree as I was impressed with the course structure and was keen to undertake a longer, eight-month research project. 

I enjoyed all elements of the course, but my favourite was the eight-month research project, which I completed on computational fluid dynamics in coronary arteries. The research group I worked with during my project were fantastic. I was given incredible opportunities to learn from leaders in the field, with lots of one-to-one teaching from both cardiologists and mathematicians and I took regular trips to the cardiac catheterisation laboratory to see exactly how the research I was doing could translate into current clinical practice.

Through the project, I developed an understanding of coronary physiology, computational fluid dynamics and basic skills in reading coronary angiograms. The project was incredibly meaningful and fulfilling, I felt like I was performing important research and quickly began to feel like a valued member of the team. My supervisors (Dr Paul Morris, Prof Julian Gunn and Prof Ian Halliday) were incredibly invested in my project and were quick to offer their experience and support if I was ever struggling.

My project was specifically focused on a new computational technique for predicting flow down coronary artery side branches. I performed the first in-human validation of this technique and have since presented the results at international cardiology conferences in America and Paris and have published in Frontiers in Physiology. 

The MRes cemented my passion for research; I enjoyed working with my group so much I have returned to Sheffield to continue with them as an academic junior doctor. Looking forwards, I aim to forge a career as an academic clinician, with ambitions to undertake a research fellowship, PhD and continue along the academic training pathway. 

Despite my clinical background, I would wholeheartedly recommend the course to non-clinical individuals interested in cardiovascular research. All members of staff running and teaching the course were friendly and approachable, and my supervisors would always take time to have an interest in what else I had going on in my life.