PSA Edinburgh Conference 2020 – British and Comparative Political Economy Specialist Group Panels

SPERI Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Dr Scott Lavery has organised a large series of panels for the forthcoming Political Studies Association (PSA) Conference in Edinburgh, which takes place on 6th – 8th April 2020.

SPERI - Edinburgh

The panels are hosted by the British and Comparative Political Economy Specialist Group, of which Scott is Deputy Convenor. The panels bring together over 40 scholars working within the field of political economy from across the UK and further afield.

The panels are organised around themes closely related to SPERI’s ‘Capitalism, Democracy and the State research stream, which Scott leads with Colin Hay. Panels will focus on a variety of themes, including The Future of British Capitalism, European Growth Models, Industrial Strategy, the Climate Crisis, Corporate Power and the future of Globalisation.

The full conference schedule will shortly be available here.

The panels have been organised with the support of Inga Rademacher (KCL), Liam Stanley (SPERI), Sean McDaniel (MMU) and Jeremy Green (Cambridge).

Commenting on the panels, Scott said:

This is to my knowledge the largest ever political economy stream to be held at the PSA’s annual conference. It is wonderful to see so many scholars, from established Professors to bright early career researchers, converge on Edinburgh to debate the developmental trajectories of British, European and Global Capitalism. We very much look forward to a productive few days in the Scottish capital’.

If you would like to become a member of the British and Comparative Political Economy Specialist Group, you can sign-up here

A full list of the eight British and Comparative Political Economy panels at the Edinburgh PSA 2020 is below.

The Future of British Capitalism 1 

Dr Johnna Montgomerie (KCL)
Dr Liam Stanley (Sheffield)
Dr James Silverwood (Coventry)
Dillon Wamsley (York, Canada)

The Future of British Capitalism 2

Dr David Yarrow (Edinburgh)
Valentina Ausserladscheider and Dr James Wood (Cambridge)
Prof Jamie Morgan (Leeds Beckett)
Dr Nick O’Donovan (MMU)
Ed Pemberton (Sheffield)

European Growth Models Panel 1

Prof Engelbert Stockhammer (KCL)
Prof Ben Clift & Dr Sean McDaniel (Warwick and MMU)
Dr Inga Rademacher (KCL)
Dr Neil Dooley (Sussex)
Dr Owen Parker (Sheffield)

European Growth Models 2

Prof Jonathan Perraton (Sheffield)
Prof Magnus Ryner (KCL)
Dr Murieann O’Dwyer (Warwick)
Dr Victoria Stadheim (Winchester)
Dr Alen Toplisek (KCL)

Industrial Strategy in a Post-Crash World

Dr Elizabeth Thurbon (Sydney)
Dr Scott Lavery (Sheffield)
Henrique Lopes-Valenca (Sheffield)
Dr Nicole Lindstrom (York)

Roundtable: Is Globalisation Over?

Dr Jeremy Green (Cambridge)
Dr Elizabeth Thurbon (Sydney)
Dr Johnna Montgomerie (KCL)
Prof Ben Clift (Warwick)
Dr Scott Lavery (Sheffield)

Mapping Finance in an era of Climate Crisis

Dr Sarah Lenz (Hamburg)
Dr Sandy Hager (City) and Joseph Baines (KCL)
Dr Yannis Dafermos (SOAS)
Nils Anderson (Alcazar Energy)

Corporations in Contemporary National and Global Politics

Dr Alvise Favotto (Glasgow)
Dr Kelly Kolman (Glasgow) and Dr Fraser McMillan (Glasgow)
Prof Patrick Bernhagen (Stuttgart), Dr David Marshall (Reading) and Erica Russell (Surrey)
Karen Wright (Glasgow)