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Welcome to the resources page, where you’ll find videos and PDFs to give context and help plan your RSE lessons – all free to use. Each section includes worksheets, teacher notes and a short film to help you prepare. Use them as supplementary resources alongside your other teaching resources.


It’s worth bearing in mind one of the main findings in our research (PDF, 75kb) - that children from faith backgrounds do not generally want their faith discussed by the whole class. So you should balance that with the need to be sensitive to faith and culture.

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1) Inclusive teaching and unconscious bias

Have a think about your assumptions around how children and parents of faith approach sex and relationships. This section provides practical tips for all teachers.

Download teaching resource (PDF, 85kb)

2) Shame and pride

Bodies and relationships might be sources of pride… but they might also cause embarrassment or shame. In this section, we’ll explain how to break the ice - helping your students to talk more freely about sex and relationships.

Download teaching resource (PDF, 100kb)

3) Body mapping

Culture and religion can affect the ways we see, think about and relate to our bodies. This section introduces “body mapping” - an exercise to encourage your students to explore their relationships with their bodies.

Download teaching resource (PDF, 137kb)

4) Online consent

Children and young people will often be influenced in their choices about sex and relationships through online messaging and social media. This section introduces some of the dilemmas which many students will recognise.

Download teaching resource (PDF, 18mb)

5) Healthy relationships

Let’s take a look at how we can be sensitive to cultural and religious differences when we’re discussing healthy relationships. This section introduces exercises we think your students will enjoy, providing opportunities for them to explore both healthy - and unhealthy - relationships.

Download teaching resource (PDF, 94kb)

6) Empowered healthy relationships

Building upon teaching about healthy relationships, this section introduces ‘empowered relationships’, where people enjoy freedom and choice. It includes a creative writing activity for children, to reflect on the relationship choices they might make in their own lives.

Download teaching resource (PDF, 152kb)

These resources have been developed as part of a wider research project. Find out more about the underpinning research.