Underpinning Research

The resources and information provided here are informed by research including online surveys, interviews, focus groups and classroom observations involving:

  • Schools, teachers and pupils in and around the Sheffield: we worked with 18 schools, and interviewed or surveyed 26 teachers and 25 pupils.
  • Parents of faith, and faith communities: 47 Muslim parents from 3 different communities, 8 Christian parents, 6 of whom were from Roma communities, 1 Jewish parent and 1 Catholic parent.
  • Young people in particular faith communities. This project builds upon a four-year project in which we worked with one particular faith community, namely young British Muslims of Pakistani heritage. You can read about this on the main Storying Relationships website.


  • Teachers: many teachers lack the confidence to teach RSE to diverse classrooms and worry about how to answer “tricky questions” that might arise from children of faith backgrounds, and how to treat children fairly and tactfully. You can read more about teachers’ views on RSE here.
  • You can read more about the views of parents and communities of faith here.

Project team

  • Faith Star: Tracy Haycox
  • Learn Sheffield: Sue Finnigan, Thom Winterbotham, Caroline Perry
  • Project Advisory Board Chair: Professor Julia Hirst, Sheffield Hallam University
  • Project Advisory Board Members: Sameena Choudry, Educational Consultant
  • Project Leader: Professor Richard Phillips, The University of Sheffield
  • Project Co-Leader: Professor Claire Chambers, The University of York
  • Project Officers: Evie Muir, Acushla Young


We would like to thank all the teachers, pupils and school leaders who participated in this project. Thanks also go to the following individuals and groups: Abdul Shaif, Jakleen Abduru and the team at ACT; Terezia Rostas, Lucia Mohamad, and Rosa Cisneros; Khadisha, Asha, Ismail, Marie and the team at ISRAAC; Halima Mohamed, Khadra Aaden and the team at African Women’s Health Centre.

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