Sheffield University Women's Club

Constitution and Privacy Policy 2018

The Club

The name of the club shall be ‘The Sheffield University Women's Club’. The Club shall be purely social. Appeals for charity shall not be made through the club.


  • Membership shall be open to women who are:
  • Officers of the University
  • Members of Council
  • Past and present members of academic and non-academic staff
  • Graduate students and alumni of the University
  • Women who are partners of the above.

Associate membership shall be open to women with a particular connection with or interest in the University. Associate membership shall be restricted to 15% of total membership. A change to this proportion may be proposed by the Committee subject to approval by the AGM. Associate members shall not have voting rights.

Guests (male or female) are welcome to attend a talk on payment of a small charge to be determined annually by the committee. Guests who are eligible will be encouraged to join.

The Committee

The committee shall consist of:

  • A chairman, events secretary, minutes secretary, membership secretary, and treasurer, who shall be officers of the club, selected by the committee. The term of office shall be ideally three years, with the need for a smooth takeover of roles being paramount. In the third year of office an assistant should be identified to ‘shadow’ and take over the role in the following year.
  • Five or six ordinary members who shall each serve for three years.
  • Co-opted members (usually retired committee members or associate members) who provide a particular experience or expertise.
  • Five members of the committee shall constitute a quorum.

The Annual General Meeting

The AGM shall be held in October. Notice will be given in the previous newsletter. Twenty members shall form a quorum. Minutes of the previous AGM and audited accounts for the previous year shall be available at the meeting. Elections to the committee shall be held each year.
Minutes, accounts and new committee members shall be proposed and seconded at the AGM and approved by show of hands.


The annual subscription shall be determined by the committee from time to time as deemed necessary and approved by the AGM.


Events will take place throughout the year. Details will be outlined in the membership card and given in more detail in the twice yearly newsletter and on this website.