I was particularly impressed by the research challenges that were being tackled here which made me feel this would be the right place for me.

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Lavanya Balasubramanian
ACSE graduate
MSc Robotics
I'm Lavanya and I studied MSc Robotics in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering.

Why did you choose to study for your degree at Sheffield?

The best thing that I heard from anyone I asked about the University of Sheffield was its student atmosphere and the student life in the city. I was particularly impressed by the research challenges that were being tackled here which made me feel this would be the right place for me. After accepting my offer, I was also nominated by the University of Sheffield for the British Council 70th Anniversary Scholarship which funded my tuition fees.

What aspects of the degree did you enjoy the most?

My course had the perfect mix of theoretical study and practical work. It helped me understand my areas of interest in an effective way. I liked how the modules were structured in such a way that individual thinking was encouraged. It gave me the freedom to explore what I was good at and not simply come up with the “right answer’’. During my second semester, I had the option to choose an Industrial Training module. As a student with no previous work experience, this module helped me grow drastically and become industry ready.

How do you think your degree has helped your career prospects?

My degree gave me a lot of exposure to things that were highly relevant to the current developments in my field. So, making use of that and gaining the relevant skills helped me stand out in my job applications. It also made me feel tremendously confident in my capabilities.

What did you like best about studying at Sheffield?

I loved how the learning was made enjoyable. It required a lot of dedication, but it never felt monotonous. I spent most of my time at Diamond as it always had the perfect environment to stay motivated. Being able to contribute to exciting research in my field was one of the best experiences that I gained at Sheffield.

Any tips for new students?

I would suggest students to make use of the first 2 weeks of semester to attend classes of all modules before finalising their choices. I knew I could change modules but only in my second semester I attended every class and lab to understand what each module would comprise of. It helped me make an informed choice. Skipping meals or living off quick cook foods might initially seem time-efficient, but it wreaks havoc on one’s ability to manage stress and perform well.

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