Meet our staff: Dr Tara Baldacchino

Dr Tara Baldacchino is a Senior University Teacher and Director of Student Experience. She is also Year one and year two tutor which means she will be one of the first lecturers you will meet when you start your course.

Photo of Dr Tara Baldacchino

“I teach first year core modules, Introduction to Systems Engineering and Software, Group Control Project and Professional Skills and Systems Engineering and Object Oriented Programming.”

“The Introduction to Systems Engineering and Software module is taught over a full academic year and focuses on teaching you C programming and encouraging you to
gain skills in analytical problem solving. You will work on a group project which involves building and programming a microprocessor-controlled, obstacle avoiding, mobile robot, whilst following a systems engineering approach.”

“The Group Control Project and Professional Skills module is a Spring semester module and focuses on a group project to control a mobile robot. This robot is a take-home kit, meaning you will be able to take it home to work on in your own time. As well as using mathematical modelling and computer programming, you will also develop project management and teamwork skills, crucial for a career as a professional engineer.”

“I also teach the second year module Systems Engineering and Object Oriented Programming which focuses on the V-model for systems engineering. In this module you will be writing the requirements, designing and implementing a facial recognition enabled burglar alarm system. The implementation is done using object oriented programming using C++.”

“As well as teaching these modules, I am the Director of Student Experience. In this role I work closely with students and staff from the Department, and liaise with the Faculty of Engineering to improve students’ experience on their course. This involves the departmental student-staff committee with student reps, larger meetings with whole year groups and end of semester surveys.”

“I also organise social events so that the students and staff can get together in an informal setting which promotes community building.​​​​​

Dr Tara Baldacchino

“Additionally, I am the year one and year two tutor meaning I oversee these two year groups, again working closely with students and staff to make sure that things are running smoothly, looking at what changes and improvements can be implemented.”

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