Professor Daniel Coca

MEng, PhD, CEng, MIEE

Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering

Honorary Professor of Nonlinear and Complex Systems

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Research interests

My research work spans the broad area of nonlinear and complex dynamical systems. I am interested in developing novel mathematical, computational and analytical methods to analyse, model and control complex dynamical systems as well as apply the tools developed to complex systems in physics, engineering, life sciences and finance.

Complex systems modelling, identification and control:
Stem cell population dynamics; Crystal growth; Brain activity; Solar wind - magnetosphere interaction; Financial markets.

Bioimaging & biological data analysis:
Diffuse Optical Tomography; Protein Identification/Protein Mass Fingerprinting; Cell imaging data analysis.

Nonlinear Control Theory:
Controller design for nonlinear PDEs; Nonlinear predictive control.

Reconfigurable computers:
FPGA hardware acceleration of protein identification algorithms; FPGA implementation of computationally intensive control & optimization algorithms.


Journal articles


  • Coca D, Bogdan IA & Benyon R (2013) FPGA Co-processing solution for real-time protein identification using tandem mass spectrometry In Iniewski K (Ed.), Embedded Systems: Hardware, Design, and Implementation Wiley RIS download Bibtex download
  • Coca D, Bogdan IA & Beynon R (2010) Parallel FPGA search engine for protein identification In Schmidt B (Ed.), Bioinformatics: High Performance Parallel Computer Architectures (pp. 313-336). Taylor and Francis RIS download Bibtex download

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EPSRC, 'CORONA', 09/07/2018, £208,411 (£62,523 apportioned)
EPSRC, 'UKRIC - Urban Flows Observatories', 18/01/2018, £2.1M (£634,076 apportioned)
BBSRC, 'Digital Fly Brain', 21/05/2015, £530,873 (£504,329 apportioned)
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MRC Fellowship, D. Coca, `Stem Cell Dynamics: Exploration of the Stem Cell Attractor Landscape´, 1.10.09-30.09.10, £109,000
BBSRC, D Coca and R Beynon, `FPGA Supercomputing Technology for High-throughput Identification and Quantification in Proteomics´, 15.03.08 to 14.03.11, £515,001
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The University of Sheffield, D. Coca, R. Beynon, S. Smith, V. Hughues. Proof Of Concept Fund Award, `Hardware acceleration of data processing in proteomics´, 01.11.07 to 01.05.08, £10,000
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BBSRC, R. Beynon and D Coca, ` Application of Field Programmable Gate Arrays to Eliminate Bottlenecks in Near-instrument Proteomics´, 15.11.04 to 14.11.07, £230,130
Royal Society, D. Coca and V. Barbu, `Optimal Control and Stabilization of Parabolic-like Equations´, 01.11.04 to 15.11.04, £1,400