Emeritus and Honorary staff

Emeritus Professor is an honorary title, recognising distinguished academic service at the University of Sheffield. This prestigious award and is not conferred lightly. We're proud to have a number of Emeritus Professors here in the Department of Automatic and Control Systems Engineering.


Emeritus Staff

Name Post Email
Allerton, Professor D J Emeritus Professor d.j.allerton@sheffield.ac.uk
Banks, Professor S P Emeritus Professor s.banks@sheffield.ac.uk
Billings, Professor S A Emeritus Professor s.billings@sheffield.ac.uk
Edwards, Professor J B Emeritus Professor j.edwards@sheffield.ac.uk
Fleming, Professor P J Emeritus Professor p.fleming@sheffield.ac.uk
Harrison, Robert F Emeritus Professor r.f.harrison@sheffield.ac.uk
Linkens, Professor D A Emeritus Professor d.linkens@sheffield.ac.uk
Owens, Professor D H Emeritus Professor d.h.owens@sheffield.ac.uk

Honorary Staff

Name Post Email
Beasley, Professor P Honorary Professor paul.beasley@siemens.com
Griffin, Dr I  Visiting Lecturer ian.griffin@rolls-royce.com
Jones, Dr B  Visiting Lecturer  Bryn.Jones@andrew-moore.com
Reina, Dr A Visiting Researcher a.reina@sheffield.ac.uk
Zhong, Professor Q C Visiting Professor  zhongqc@iit.edu

Undergraduate scholarships

Our department offers financial assistance in the form of scholarships and bursaries, in addition to the scholarships offered by the University of Sheffield.