I've learnt about the six degrees of freedom used in industry

Photo of masters student Yibin Gao controlling a robot
Yibin Gao
Masters student
MSc Robotics
Yibin is from China and knew the University of Sheffield had high quality courses. They did a pre-masters course in Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield International College (USIC) before starting the MSc Robotics course.
Photo of masters student Yibin Gao controlling a robot

"The only reason I choose to study MSc Robotics was my interest in robot techniques, and the best thing from this course is the relevant theory and knowledge about robot manipulating and inverse kinematics."

"I've learnt on this course the six degrees of freedom used in industrial robot modelling and manipulation from my dissertation project working with UR5 collaborative robot arm. Before studying in Sheffield, I worked as a robot engineer and this course has enabled me to understand in more depth the algorithm and programming of robotics, rather than simply as a user."

"I really enjoyed studying the Manipulator Robotics module. I learnt during this module the method of robot modelling and manipulation, and about the homogeneous transformation and Denavit Hartenberg parameter, the two transformation methods for the modelling of serial industry robots. Also I learn the method of calculating the dynamic of two-segment structure which extended my knowledge of physics."

"Also the Multisensor and Decision Systems module, where I solved some problems using probability theory. It included the methods of designing a control system delivered including parameter sampling and optimization algorithms, and also how to decide which parameter set to choose according to the system performance desired output criteria."

"I think the course has given me a platform to learn advanced techniques and knowledge in this very relevant field for my career. After I've completed my final project, I will try to find a job in UK."

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