10 June 2010

Research on alcohol policy modelling continues to make headlines

Decision analytic modelling work by ACSE’s Dr Robin Purshouse and colleagues from the School of Health and Related Research and Department of Economics has recently been published in The Lancet (2010; 375:1355-64).

In separate studies for the UK Department of Health, Scottish Government and the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), the multidisciplinary research team estimated the impact of alcohol pricing policies (such as setting a minimum retail price for alcoholic beverages, based on their alcohol content) on health, crime and workplace harms, as well as the impact on drinkers’ spending.

The model and its findings have featured prominently in the national debate on alcohol minimum pricing, including live interviews with Dr Purshouse on flagship BBC programmes such as Radio 4’s ‘Today’. Sheffield’s contribution to the debate on the availability of alcohol is now set to continue, with a new £1m three-year research programme funded by the Medical Research Council commencing in November 2010.

Hear interviews with Robin Purshouse via the BBC’s iPlayer:

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