12 December 2006

Research Poster Presentation at the House of Commons

Rolls-Royce engine ANTLE and UTC Logos

Dr Ian Griffin of the Rolls-Royce Control & Systems University Technology Centre in the Department of Automatic Control & Engineering and colleagues from Rolls-Royce plc and Manchester University were selected from a large number of high quality applicants to take part in a "Presentation at the House of Commons in 2006 by Britain's Early-Stage Engineers on UK Engineering Research and R&D".

Dr Griffin presented a poster titled 'Staged Combustion Control for the Antle Demonstrator Engine' and described his research which is at the forefront in reducing emissions from aircraft engines.

The prestigious event, now in its seventh year, was co-ordinated by 'SET for Britain' and was sponsored by Dr Douglas Naysmith MP, Chairman of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee. It took place on 12 December 2006 at Port Cullis House at the House of Commons.

The central aim is to present high quality and ground-breaking UK Engineering Research and R&D by Britain´s top early-stage research engineers hopefully promoting UK engineering, increasing dialogue and engagement between them and Members of Parliament, encouraging networking, and competing for the prestigious Awards associated with the event.