29 June 2007

The Centre for Signal Processing and Complex Systems

Centre for Signal Processing and Complex Systems logo

A new research centre for Signal Processing and Complex Systems has been formed to support a wide range of multi-disciplinary research projects that span several departments and institutions.

The new centre provides the underpinning signal processing, system identification, dynamical analysis and control to support research in metabolic systems engineering, systems and synthetic biology, stem cell dynamics, neuro-imaging, bio-imaging, neural processing in Drosophila, reaction-diffusion systems, non-equilibrium growth processes, studies of solar terrestrial systems, mobile robots, volatility modelling and financial systems, nonlinear materials design and many other complex phenomena.

The founding members of the centre (with grant capture in excess of £25m over the last three years) are:

  • Department Automatic Control and Systems Engineering:
    Professor S A Billings, Professor M Balikhin, Dr D Coca, Professor V Kadirkamanathan, Dr Z Q Lang
  • Department Biomedical Science:
    Professor P Andrews, Dr M Juusola
  • Department Psychology:
    Professor J Mayhew, Dr Y Zheng
  • Department Chemistry:
    Professor C McLeod
  • Department Chemical and Process Engineering:
    Dr R Ristic, Professor P Wright
  • Department Computer Science:
    Professor R Smallwood
  • Department Mechanical Engineering:
    Professor G R Tomlinson

More information is available from the Centre for Signal Processing and Complex Systems web site: