01 November 2009

New Lecturer appointed

Dr George Panoutsos

We are pleased to welcome Dr George Panoutsos as a new Lecturer to the department.

Dr George Panoutsos is a postgraduate of the department having completed the M.Sc. course in Automatic Control and Systems Engineering in 2003. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in 2007 after studying Computational Intelligence modelling in the Intelligent Systems Research Group of the department. His research work led to a number of international journal publications and an international patent in the field of Granular Computing.

Dr Panoutsos is currently a Member of the IMMPETUS Research Group working in the areas of metals design and processing with applications focusing on `through-process modelling and optimisation´ as well as `prediction of mechanical properties´ using Computational Intelligence methodologies. He has also been working in the fields of Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare and is currently a Member of the Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory, with projects involving `automation in the care of the critically ill in the Intensive Care Unit´ and `cancer prediction using clinical data´. Following his appointment as a Lecturer in the department, Dr Panoutsos will continue to support the activities and research of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory as well as the activities and research of IMMPETUS.