29 August 2013

The ACSE Robotic Search & Rescue Competition

Robot and Rescue DollOne of the highlights of the ACSE Academic Year took place recently – the Department’s annual Robotics Search & Rescue Competition. Over 35 undergraduate and MSc students from Automatic Control and Systems Engineering took part in the competition, which was jointly organised by Dr Roderich Gross, Dr Sean Anderson, Craig Bacon, Dr Tony Dodd, Dr Jun Liu and Professor Rob Harrison.

The challenge set was for student groups to construct a robot which could master a difficult obstacle course in order to localise and rescue a child victim in a disaster zone. Students therefore had to ensure that their robot could successfully negotiate the course but also be able to find the victim. Four groups attempted the feat.

The group ‘S.A.R.A’ led by Mustafa Hussain was victorious and received their prize from the Head of Department, Professor Visakan Kadirkamanathan. The winning team even had designed their own chassis from scratch. They modelled their robot on CAD and had the parts laser cut to size and then combined with caterpillar tracks. The winning team was also able to send a video from the robot to the wall mounted LCD screens enabling spectators to be able to see what the robot/operator was seeing.

Watch out for the 3rd edition of ACSE robot search and rescue competition, which will be announced early in the new academic year!