7 June 2013

ACSE Robots in Reuters and Der Spiegel news

Der Spiegel, one of the largest news magazines published in Germany with a circulation of a million, has taken an interest in ACSE’s Dr Roderich Gross’s swarm robots. In a video posted on Spiegel online Dr Gross is interviewed about the Sheffield Centre of Robotics project followed by a demonstration of 40 programmed swarm robots simulating a rescue.

The medical and non invasive micro surgery capabilities the swarm robots could be a part of, in the future, was also featured in a video release by the multinational news agency Reuters. The video highlights the major role this new technology could play in day to day lives, including the possible programming for use as in-house carers for the elderly or in ‘search and rescue’ missions.

Spiegel Online - original video: Robot swarm: rescue mission in a pack

Reuters – original video: 'Fetching and carrying' robots swarm nearer to reality

Dr Roderich Gross is head of the Natural Robotics Group at the University of Sheffield and member of the Sheffield Centre for Robotics (ScentRo). His work features in a number of the Department’s programmes, and especially the MSc in Computational Intelligence and Robotics, which he will lead from September 2013.

More about the MSc in Computational Intelligence and Robotics