21 March 2006

Professor Roald Sagdeev visits ACSE

Photo: Professor Sagdeev

The Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering hosts a visit by one of the world's most eminent space scientists - Professor Roald Sagdeev.

Professor Sagdeev is an elected a member of numerous prestigious national scientific academies and societies around the world, including the National Academy of Sciences (USA), The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Royal Astronomical Society (UK), The Max Plank Society (Germany), the Royal Swedish Academy, The International Academy of Astronomics, the Vatican Academy of Sciences and one of the youngest scientists ever elected to the USSR Academy of Sciences. His prizes and awards include the Lenin Prize, the Tate Medal (American Institute of Physics), "Personality of the Year" (France), the "Science for Peace" prize (Italy), "Distinguished Career in Physics"(Washington Academy of Sciences), and the Maxwell Prize (American Physical Society).

The aim of the visit is to initiate collaboration in Lunar Studies between Professor Sagdeev and Professor Billings, Dr Balikhin, Dr Coca and Dr Pokhotelov and to advance a long established partnership with ACSE Space System group on Turbulence in Hot Plasmas.